My Philosophy for life

I would describe myself as a moral spiritual anarchist. I believe that I am a spiritual being, and that the health of my spirit is dependent on my behaviour. Behave badly, my spirit gets weak, behave according to my own values and my spirit is strong. I set my own spiritual and behavioural rules as I believe that the rules we set ourselves are the rules we are most likely to stick to. I generally don't brake the law as generally speaking breaking the law involves selfish, inconsiderate behaviour.

I live according to spiritual principles: honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. Fling in a dollop of personal and professional integrity and it all makes for a healthy mix.

I owe a lot to 12 step philosophy. Narcotics Anonymous was a big part of my recovery. Though I no longer attend meetings, I still live according to a lot of 12 step suggestions. I try not to judge others and try to just focus on myself and my own failings and merits. I try to not let my will run riot, and I try to remember to be grateful for things.

I adopted Flux of Pink Indians album name as a motto for my life - strive to survive causing the least suffering possible. I try not to let people down and when I've done something wrong I try to admit it. And I try no to be too hard on myself when I make mistakes, as I do, being human and all.

I try to keep things simple.