My Books

This was my first serious writing project. I have always loved reading classic literature, and zombie books (RR Haywood is still my favourite zombie book writer) so I had the idea of combining the two. This book was originally called: If Tolstoy Did Scottish Zombies and was supposed to be a zombie book written in the style of a Russian classic. This was of course a foolish venture. About halfway through I realised I was going to be short of the required word count for this to be considered on par with a Russian classic (it would need to be circa 500K, it ended up being approx. 100K). This is of course named after the Robert Burns poem and song, Scots Wha Hae.


Although this is Part 1 in my British Zombie Apocalypse series (probably a trilogy) this works well as a stand-alone book.

Zombies Wha Hae is available via Amazon - this link should take you there - 

This wasn’t my first completed work, but it was my first published. I had the idea of writing The Ruined Road years before I attempted it. I’ve never been much of a fan of reading short stories, so doing this was never uppermost in my mind. However, once I started it, I absolutely loved writing it. The inspiration for writing The Ruined Road is what the connecting factor is, and this is not something I share publicly. So far no one has guessed correctly what unites the 10 stories, though I have started telling people if they ask me directly.  


I tacked Dryad onto the end of The Ruined Road simply because I loved it as a story. Dryad came to me in a mad, vivid dream during covid lockdown.

The Ruined Road is available via Amazon this link should take you there - 

Doctor Oadwin first appeared in my short story collection, The Ruined Road. As soon as I finished his story I just knew I had to know more about him. So this is his backstory, and conclusion. It is a sci fi/ horror mash up and does contain some gory scenes. Doctor Oadwin eats people, bad people.

It's a short read, but it's fast and packed full of interesting scenes. 

Doctor Oadwin: The Making of a Maniac is available via Amazon -