Iain C.M. Gray - Author

I'm a writer because I write. I will be self publishing on Amazon only, unless any interested publisher contacts me. So far I have written a zombie book and a collection of short stories. I write because it makes me happy when I am creating something. Whether or not I am any good is not really the point for me. I plan to carry on writing and self producing for as long as I have ideas for new books. I do hope you enjoy them, but I don't really care if you don't. For details on available work see My Work page.   

During lockdown I ended up looking like Ked Dodd. I suppose there are worse disgraced 70's entertainers to look like. At least Ken was only guilty of greed and tax evasion.  

Bit of blurb about me. I was born and raised in Scotland though I now live in London. I currently commission drug and alcohol treatment and rough sleeper outreach services. I have worked in homeless hostels and day centres, and residential rehabs.  I have two lovely daughters, one grandson, three cats (meet the cats below), and a lovely wife. Family means everything to me. 

I listen to most music (I have Chinese Classical music on my player), but punk and metal are probably my main things. Killing Joke and Napalm Death remain firm favourites.  

In terms of writers, I have always been an avid reader, my main likes are (in no particular order):

There are many others I've read and enjoyed but those are the main ones. 

Being in recovery from addiction issues has also been very character shaping for me. I cleaned up in 1998. This was of course a major turning point in my life. I would probably not have survived many more years of addiction (15 years was enough for me). 


Was a stray that visited us in the garden, battered and bruised and not coping well with the stray life. We made friends in the garden and he decided to move in. He's 8 and has been with us for 5 or 6 years.


Same as Mike, he visited us in the garden and liked our food (as you can see, he is fond of food). He was as nervous as anything and took a long while to become comfortable as a house cat.  He is now as happy as Larry (this you can also see).


Hamish visited us for about 10 years before moving in. He waited until he was thoroughly beaten by the stray life before moving in. He lived behind the sofa for a year before venturing out. Hamish is blessed with great powers of survival.